rhod v. nuncio


I ask you: Give me reasons to convince myself

That the revolution would never falter

That great men would not abandon me

And the ideals of my conviction would still

Be there to make me strong to believe.


“We are the ghosts of past strife, victims

Of comrades in badges, guns, goons and gold.”

“We are the tortured enemies of the state

Shouting in the background of decentered forest.”


We sing our songs in honor of our origins:

“Mother, mother why have you forsaken me?”


Birds of prey soaring high with miraculous veil

Covering the truth of my children’s dreams.

Systems of chaos, order of complex, men and women

Defied the anointed logos of civil deity.


“We are good spirits in a congested city, of lumpen

gathered to attack your majesty.”

“We are small creatures of our inescapable class

Without guidance and care of higher species from above.”


I look at the mirror to convince myself repeating soliloquy:

“What am I fighting for when the battle has already won?

Why am I here when the herd denies my existence?”

But again my guilt never escapes me

So please allow me to wash my hands

And tell you the truth to persuade myself:

I am the enemy of my comrades here and now

Whence before I was rebellion in red blazing fire.



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