Abandoning philosophy

I felt I was never the same again. Before, I used to read difficult texts just to amuse my placid mind about thoughts and ideas from people long dead in the past, whose remarkable statements on life, reason, G/god, love, lust, pain and happiness made mortals like me wish that there is more than just what  life offers and the possibility of life after death.

Our (tor)mentors, who donned themselves with the air and flavor of Athenian, Roman, Catholic, Continental, Oriental philosophies unmindful whether the earth’s axis changes now and then, the sun throws deadly solar flair, the ripple of water turns tsunami at the other end of the earth, the Panda bears diminishes in number in Qin Ling China, or my existence adds boredom to humanity, had nevertheless passed on ancient knowledge seemingly new to our infantile minds.

I have to change…because thinking is about doing.  Philosophizing must explore the world we live in as humans and not just intellectuals blabbering difficult words.  Philosophy is ending philosophy, for to end it means the beginning of new ones.  After such a long cursory travel in the lives of the mind, I soon find myself unfitting to look into my own travails, shortcomings and even excesses.  I have to abandon it because my life has now grown to many proportions – a father, teacher, husband, partner, leader, writer, researcher, all but roles but may not be necessarily human.

I realized then that to abandon philosophy means to be fully human and truly Filipino…

(had to cut this pieace to attend to one of my roles – husband-bestfriend 🙂

Abandoning philosophy

Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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